What my Clients say…


"Samantha Crewe is a brilliant massage therapist. She has been treating my sciatica with very effective neuro-skeletal methods. As a professionally-trained singer, I am also conscious of needing to release muscular tension that can free up my voice. Most recently, she achieved some amazing results in unblocking the tight fascia under my lower ribs. This work was done at the suggestion of a visiting New York voice teacher, David Jones, who works with top artists fom the Metropolitan Opera. Samantha's understanding of the work that needed to be done had an amazing similarity to the latest research being done on breath co-ordination. The results in my next singing session were one of the dramatic improvements I've ever had. Comments were not just about my voice but questions of: 'who is this massage therapist. She must be amazing!' And she is.

Dr Pamela Karantonis, London.


'It was sheer pampering, lovely smelling oils with sensual aromas. Tranquil surroundings which enhanced the spiritual experience that gives a sense of wellbeing. All brought together by a highly skilled and highly recommended [therapist], who takes the time to make that all important connection with you...[thanks Samantha for my Birthday Special]'  Marcia Thompson - Clapham


'Had an Indian Head Massage. Would highly recommend, a great way to dissolve all the stresses & tensions! [Thanks Samantha]' Rea Robey

'Samantha is always very professional, yet makes you feel at ease as she has such a warm manner.' Nick Saunders

'I would thoroughly recommend Samantha to friends and colleagues.' Rebecca Pinto


'I have for the first time in I don't know how many years experienced a pain free existence! To somebody who doesn't have much pain in their lives you will never understand the significance of that statement.' Shaun Smith


'Since having N.S.R.T I have noted a significant improvement in my posture.' Amy Edmondson


'I found the N.S.R.T treatments to be really helpful and my posture and shoulders have greatly improved, also through excellent aftercare advice the results have been ongoing.' Lauren Blakey


'Samantha is very aware of and tuned into both her clients emotional and physical wellbeing, she has helped with the pain in my shoulder and lower back.' Anna Weston


"Highly recommended" a credit to her chosen profession." Kenn Rushton


'The results of the N.S.R.T treatment were very noticeable in my posture and general well being.' Miguel Ramirez


"My body has definitely felt the benefits of N.S.R.T my hips are much better and the nerve discomfort down my legs has subsided." Michelle Smith.


"I have suffered with lower back pain for many years and after my sessions with Samantha the pain has gone, I also had a problem with my knee and on the last session Samantha used the additional N.S.R.T knee points and the following morning the pain had gone." Theresa Peters


"Prior to the treatment my neck was very stiff, now it is much freer with significantly reduced pain." Shari Rendle


"After having two hip replacements I was left with pain in my back and down my legs, after the sessions with Samantha I have been able to landscape my garden where as before I could barely bend down, thank you so much! I have recommended this treatment to my Orthopaedic consultant post surgery." James Nash


"I went to see Samantha when I was 35 weeks pregnant as I was suffering with aches and pains down the right side of my lower back and buttocks, after just the one N.S.R.T treatment the aches and pains have gone what a relief!" Michelle Childs



"Samantha made an excellent atmosphere for treating a young and easily distracted toddler; we have noticed an improvement and want to continue with treatments." Adrian Scoffham